The Top Three Pumpkin Patches in Sacramento

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I love October, and I love Halloween. With this being said, I'd like to tell you a little bit about my three favorite places to take my family during this spooky time of year.
Goblin Gardens  is a great one to start out at, but something that makes them special is that they have authentic covered wagons. It'll make you feel like you're out in the old west.
Bishop's Pumpkin Farm  is another good choice, and this is a massive pumpkin patch. I've been there multiple times, and it's like the Disneyland of pumpkin patches.They have a zipline, and I actually never knew that it was there because the whole place is so massive! I've never done it but I've always wanted to. This one is located in Wheatland, but it's worth the trek!
Dave's Pumpkin Patch is probably my favorite out of all three. It's in West Sacramento, and it's run by Vierra Farms. What really makes this place special is the 'Pumpkin Chunkin', a cannon that shoots pumpkins 500 yards! I know all you dads out there want to see that - I'm pushing really hard for my family to go there this year.

If you're just looking for some pumpkins to decorate your home with, I'd suggest looking at Green Acres. They have a great selection and it's very inexpensive.
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