How to Remove Negative Emotions from the Moving Process

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Moving and buying a new home is an exciting experience. The one thing that no one talks about, though, is how tough moving can be on your entire family. Today, I've got 6 tips for you on how to bring finality and closure to your home so you can enjoy the fresh start.

1. Drive through the neighborhood before you go. Take a video of some of the local places and landmarks that you enjoy so that you have those memories preserved.
2. Throw your own going away party. Invite all of your friends and family, even set up a photo or video booth. This is the last time you might be able to get all those people together in one place.
3. Take one last walk-through of the home with all of the family. Take a look at and be aware of all the special memories you have in that home, and reminisce about them.
4. Take a picture of your entire family in front of your old home.
5. Take a picture of your entire family in front of your new home. Then take both of these pictures, frame them, and hang them up in your new home.
6. Make plans to come back and visit the neighborhood within a year. If you do that, there is a piece of you that can hold on to the feeling that you will be coming back soon. This will help bring closure and finality to your whole family.
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